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Flashlight Dealer Promotions

Flashlight Dealer Promotion

Get a reward point for every dollar you spend and get free Gear from FlashlightDealer.com! When you get 125 points, you can get a free Koozie. When you get 250 points, you can choose a free Koozie or a T-Shirt. And with 500 points, you can get any of our free promotions—your choice, including our limited edition Glow-in-the-Dark Flashlight Dealer T-Shirt.

We will send you a reminder on your checkout page to redeem your reward points for one of the Flashlight Dealer Gear promotions. Select one promotion per order. Each promotional item will use only the points necessary, so you can accumulate points over a 90 day period and save up for more Gear!

**NOTE: Promotional items will be available to choose from at checkout. If you would like to buy additional gear, just add it like any other item.