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Lightweight, but extremely strong; compact, yet fully capable. Small Pelican cases are perfect for valuable gear like hand tools and small to medium electronic components, hand held GPS systems, and DSLR cameras. All small cases available empty or with pre-scored Pick n Pluck™ foam.
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Lightweight, extremely strong, compact, watertight, crushproof and dust proof. The Pelican™ 1120 Case is perfect for expensive tools and valuable electronic components, handheld GPS systems and DSLR cameras.
Pelican™ Cases are lightweight but extremely strong. These cases live up to Pelican standards by their crushproof construction. The Pelican™ 1150 case is suitable for valuable tools and electronics, handheld GPS systems, DSLR cameras and whatever else you need to carry.
Lightweight Pelican™ Cases are extremely strong, yet small cases do the same job as large cases. The 1170 Case protects your valuable gear--even electronic components, GPS systems and DSLR cameras are kept safe during travel.
Small Pelican™ Cases are compact yet fully capable of doing a big case's job. The Pelican™ 1200 Case is perfect for your valuables, irreplaceable gear, electronics, and more.
Small Pelican™ Cases are fully crushproof and watertight. The Pelican™ 1300 Case is great for hand tools, heirlooms, electronic components, video and camera equipment and more.
Light and compact, Pelican™ 1400 cases are great for valuable gear, hand tools, electronic components, cameras and more. All small cases available empty or with pre-scored Pick n Pluck™ foam.
Watertight, crushproof and dustproof, the Pelican™ P1075 Pistol Case cushions pistols, revolvers and magazines in protective, customizable Pick N Pluck™ Foam.
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